Lightning Shatters across the skies, Alone atop a parapet a strong figure stands cloak billowing out blocking the full moon behind him. from below the castle fog seeps forward casting out across the land seemingly at the will of the castle. in the distance howling can be heard, Ravens flock across the sky and screams of despair can be heard, not just from the dungeons of the castle. 

Some distance away A travelling group with bright caravans make their way slwoly across the land sharing news, trading items and performing in other activities

A windmill alone atop a hill has sails that slowly grind on day and night.

Outside a Village a large gate looms providing Shadows from the Moonlight for those that fear light of any kind. The scrub brush shivers from the sudden onset of movement as creatures seek shelter.

Pitchforks and torches roam the road of towns and villages, gaunt faces with hard stares prowl the night.

Far to the east the summons has been called, a small group of adventurers have entered the domain. The figure Snarls a twisted smile. The fun has just begun……

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